If stores can already be loaded with spooky merchandise, then I think it is a fine time to start making our 2022 Halloween plans!

Halloween pumpkin head jack in darkness night with copy space

As a long-time lover of Halloween, I must say it takes adequate preparation to do the season right. You must:

  • Watch 'Hocus Pocus' of your favorite scary movie at least 3 times
  • Plan/buy/make the perfect costume
  • Choose which Halloween parties to attend or host one yourself
  • Hit as many trunk-or-treats and Halloween events as your schedule allows
  • Buy the good candy early so you're not stuck with the cheap stuff, or God forbid those nasty black and orange peanut butter things.
  • Find an awesome pumpkin carving design

I think you get my point, there's a lot of fun to be had during the Halloween season, but one very important thing I have mentioned yet is; going to haunted houses!

The Best Haunted House in the Rockford Area

During the Halloween season, there are several awesome haunted houses to choose from in the Rockford area, but only one of them has been named one of Haunted Illinois' Top Ten Haunted Houses in 2016, 2019, and 2021; Twisted Crypt on E State St. in Rockford!

If super scary is your thing, Twisted Crypt is sure to deliver what you're craving. This haunted house features "10,000 Square Feet of Indoor Mystery, Chaos, and Fear. 10 Interactive Show Rooms, Sights, Sounds, Smells, and Creatures Lurking Around Every Corner". Sound scary enough?

How about this teaser of what's coming in 2022 to really get those goosebumps flowing...

Grand Opening of Twisted Crypt's 2022 Season

Now that you're seriously craving some Twisted Crypt-style terror, let me give you the good news, the haunted house is officially kicking off its 2022 season on September 16th!

For more information and how to buy tickets, visit twistedcrypt.com.

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