Forget gruesome costumes, scenes, and screams, the Evil Intentions Haunted House in Elgin, Illinois takes the terror to a whole new (and legit) level.

The History of the Elgin Casket Company

I think we can all agree that "ambiance" is key when it comes to creating a terrifying haunted house. Dark rooms, creepy lights, weird sounds, and horrifying creatures jumping out at you are just some of the must-haves any scary haunted house needs, but when you stage it in a historically haunted building the terror factor goes up a few hundred notches!

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Here's when the building's terrifying history began according to;

Built in 1900, the building was constructed near an old settlers� cemetery which had recently been disturbed due to severe over-population. Only ten years prior to the construction of the building, countless human remains were dug up, loaded into carts and relocated to another nearby cemetery.

In 1940, the Elgin Casket Company took residence in the building, and after only one month of being there,  5 mutilated, murdered bodies were found in the basement. YIKES!

Just wait, there's way more according to Haunted Illinois;

In 1949, two escapees from the local mental hospital were reportedly seen on the property of the warehouse, but they were never seen again. In the early 1980�s, well after the casket company had closed the doors, cloaked figures were seen on the property.

Several physics also believe that cults used to practice dark ceremonies within the abandoned building, so all these things mixed together to create a truly terrifying experience!

Evil Intentions Haunted House Elgin, Illinois

Now that you know just a tad about this building's spooky past you might better understand why this specific haunted house is often called Illinois' "scariest" and "most evil".


If you think you're brave enough to witness this "evil" firsthand, grab tickets to the Evil Intentions Haunted House now before they sell out!

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