After being cooped up at home for the last few months thanks to COVID-19, any excuse to get out and actually do something is definitely something I am all about right now.

Thank goodness it's finally nice out so we can take the family outdoors to relieve boredom, and thank goodness nice weather also allows us to go eat and drink in public so we can feel partway normal again.

If you're making a point to patronize local bars and restaurants as often as you can right now, please add this to your to-do list for next weekend.

The City of Belvidere is hosting a Buchanan Street Stroll next Saturday, June 27, and it may be the perfect thing to fill the "no festival" void in your life right now. Here's the details...

Here's some even better news, the Belvidere Buchanan Street Strolls aren't a one and done event. One glance on their Facebook events page shows they already have more local bands and events lined up for this summer...aka, more excuses to get out and have some fun. Hooray! See the list here.

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