The longest home run ever hit in a Major League Baseball (MLB) game is 575 feet by Babe Ruth in 1921, according to Bleacher Report.

What's the longest hit ever recorded in professional baseball?

During a Triple-A baseball game in 1987, future Milwaukee Brewers player Joey Meyer hit a baseball 582 feet while playing for the Denver Zephyrs.

How Far Is It Across the Rock River?

There's no official distance that I could find anywhere that shows how many feet it is from Prairie Street Brewing Company to the opposite side of the Rock River in Downtown Rockford, but if it's more than 500 feet, this could be quite a challenge to hit a baseball that far.

As you can see in the video below, even in the higher elevations of Colorado where the air is light and the baseball travels farther, it's not easy to hit a ball more than 500 feet.

This Saturday (July 8) is the Rock River Showdown at Prairie Street Brewing Company, where former Major League Baseball MVP, All-Star, and 2-time World Series Champion Jose Canseco attempts to hit a ball across the Rock River.

Select players from the Rockford Rivets and Lakeshore Chinooks will also compete in a Home Run Derby, where "eight power hitters will battle it out for the coveted trophy."


Where Do I Get Tickets for Rock River Showdown?

Prairie Street Brewing Company is going to be "transformed into a baseball lover’s paradise" for this high-power event on Saturday (7/8) at 11 am.

The Rock River Showdown with Jose Canseco and the electrifying home run derby is set to be an event for the ages. Get ready to witness jaw-dropping displays of power, unforgettable moments, and a day of pure baseball excitement!

Only 1,000 tickets will be available for this event and are $25, with limited VIP tables available for $150 for 4 people. CLICK HERE to get tickets or find out more details.

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