After being robbed one month ago, Beefaroo's Auburn Street location had another frightening experience on Friday night, forcing the store to close early.

On November 9, 2018, a man vandalized cars and restaurant windows at Beefaroo on Auburn street. Thankfully nobody was physically hurt though emotions were high before, during, and after the craziness, rightfully so. With employees in mind, Beefaroo closed the store early Saturday evening to allow staff to grieve what had happened the night before.

In a lengthy statement on Facebook, Beefaroo shared this...

We feel our employees deserve a chance to grieve for this latest affront to their safety and security. We will close tomorrow, Sat. Nov. 10 at 5 pm, for Saturday evening only. We want to clearly say that we care about our community of customers and staff at all 7 of our locations.

There no plans to change the Auburn Street location's hours of operation, for now. Beefaroo is a local company that will make a decision based on its community and its employees.

We have no plans to alter our hours of business permanently! We are proud of all of our location on Auburn St., where a Beefaroo has stood for over 30 years!

The person responsible for the damage and chaos was caught and arrested.

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