I was born and raised in Rockford and I'm still here, so I've grown up with so many local restaurants and stores my entire life.  One, in particular, has some new menu items you'll love for summer!

Not many people know this, but I worked at Beefaroo for 3 months in 2013.  I was a cashier, cleaned tables, gave customers chocolate mints, and couldn't remember the menu even if my life depended on it.  What I did enjoy during my time there was the process of making a Beefaroo shake; I always wore an apron because every time I'd turn the machine on to mix the ice cream and flavoring, it would splatter all over me.

Now, 9 years later, Beefaroo is still whipping up new flavors of shakes!  Hopefully it's much easier to make them nowadays.... I can only hope haha.


Announced on Facebook, Beefaroo is now offering 3 NEW flavors for a limited time that you can add to your shake; Creamsicle, grape, and watermelon.  Based on the Facebook reactions, customers arereallllllllly excited about the creamsicle!

I don't think I've ever added grape flavoring to a shake and I'm not totally sure how that'd taste.  Watermelon I could see as a slushie, but a shake?  Now I gotta try them!

One of my favorites is the banana shake.  Anything banana flavored I'm totally down for!  On a hot summer day, it's really refreshing and never disappoints.

You can't forget that cherry on top - I can't stand cherries, but the ones from Beefaroo I will eat any day of the week!  Yummmm.

What are your favorite Beefaroo shakes?  Blue raspberry?  Root beet?  Chocolate mint?  I know you have a go-to when you make a trip there... maybe the new summer fruity flavors will become your new thang! Find Beefaroo's entire menu here and let me know if you try the limited time flavors.

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