Is it really even fall yet, when these aren't back on the Beefaroo menu? My wife has a very strong love one menu item in particular. What's your favorite?

Where'd you look for some JOY today?

Did you find it at home before leaving for school drop offs?

Did you find it during the few minutes to yourself on the drive to work?

Has JOY eluded you all day?

Waiting on one of those big joys can sometimes be a pretty long wait. Here's that reminder that you probably knew was coming:

Don't overlook the small JOYS

Often, they're everywhere.


Beefaroo knows exactly how to bring several kinds of small joys into our days and four of them just returned to the fall menu.

Bowls of chili... are BACK!

The Ham & Cheese sandwich... is BACK!

The Turkey Cranberry Club sandwich & wrap... are BACK!


The beloved Pumpkin Squares... are BACK!


Now, it's the fall season. Here are those small joys to fix your day.

Today, the Beefaroo pumpkin square is the photo above, was the very first pumpkin square I've ever had. I don't even have a good reason for not ever having one, I just never have.

That was one incredible JOY.

Also on the Beefaroo menu for the fall season, three new shake flavors:

  • Butterscotch
  • Carmel Apple
  • Cinnamon Bun

It's my sincere hope that you find some small JOY in every one of your days. Now you know that Beefaroo has a few things that can help with that search. If these fall treats don't do it for you... CHEESE FRIES!

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