In today's world, we're often reading about employee cuts and losses, followed by major bonuses for higher-ranked staff, but not at Walgreens.

After vowing to increase all hourly employees, Walgreens put their money where their mouth is back on October 1st. According to the Chicago Tribune, the company used $100 million dollars to make it happen, but the money had to come from somewhere, right? It looks like managerial bonuses were affected, though official store representative wouldn't confirm.

the bonuses in question typically go to management and executive employees.

The aforementioned bonuses come from individual, store and company performance and were unexpectedly lower than previous bonuses.

These weren't the only changes in benefits made by Walgreens for its employees. One Walgreens manage confirmed this report of employees working a minimum of 20 hours would receive paid time off. The requirement is now 30 hours minimum. There were additional changes further, according to Tribune.

The company also, however, is adding a paid parental leave benefit that will offer full pay for eight weeks of leave to new mothers and fathers. Also, it is expanding short-term disability leaves for hourly employees working at least 30 hours a week.

You can more information on Walgreens' employee benefit changes here.

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