Turns out, people tend to apply at a hometown business more than any other, at least when it comes to Illinois residents.

Based on research from Zippia's "The Company Each State Applies To Work At The Most", Walgreens is the company for us.

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Walgreens was founded in 1901 in Chicago, and to this day, they're still headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois.

Just thinking about it, I know plenty of people who at one point or another worked at Walgreens. Whether it be for the summer while they were in school, between jobs, or as a pharmacist, Walgreens does surely employ a bunch of people.

So it makes sense that Walgreens is the company most people from Illinois apply to work at most.

If you disagree with the home town pride angle of applying to work for a company that started in your home state, check out Culver's. According to the research, Culver's is the company people in Wisconsin apply to the most.

Rockford Area Culver's Suddenly Removes Pretzel Bites From It's Menu
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If I had to choose between Culver's or Walgreens? I probably go with Culver's. A discount on those cheese curds would be worth it alone.

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