Leggings and their denim cousin jeggings are all the rage in fashion lately.

But are you a little confused as to what they are?

I mean, are they pants or tights?

Maybe this fun video can help clear up the mystery for you.

This made me laugh. I hope at least it puts a little smile on your face today.

As for me, I do not own any leggings. I had several pairs in college of all colors and patterns. I used to wear those long baggy sweaters over them. Frankly, those things wear cold and now I'm at an age that I just look stupid in them.

As jeggings, I confess, I have one pair. However, they're currently in my donation/ giveaway box. I bought them at the beginning of the skinny jean craze to fit into my boots. Then I discovered I didn't need those fake jeans with back pockets. I found that American Eagle has a style that works perfectly for my body type and under my boots giving me the same results without being skin tight.

If you still need a little more help follow this handy flow chart, and your question as to "Are these pants or tights?" will be answered.