You can't go to chem lab without pants and a University of Illinois student found out the hard way.

Jake Wolf figured it out two minutes before the lab was supposed to begin. Immediately Wolf went into panic mode.

Wolf's buddy, Chris Royershared the text he received on Twitter explaining the whole thing.

Wolf told Royer:

I start like sprinting back as fast as I can an when I'm like halfway home it's already 8:03 and I'm thinking man there is absolutely no hope for me.

That's when new campus hero and soon to be world famous borrower of pants, Sam Brown, reluctantly leaped into action.

Wolf's text continued:

I saw this one guy wearing sweats walking on the sidewalk and I was like hey dude I need your pants...he was like kinda scared so I was like trust me let's go to a bathroom.

You know, because nothing weird or sketchy ever happens in bathrooms.

So we both changed and switch pants and I run back to lab and managed to swipe in at 8:09, one minute before the deadline.

Royer also shared the text between Wolf and Brown. Wolf was in such a rush he entered Brown's name in his contact's "PANTS."

Wolf thanked Brown and said:

Let me know how much I owe you back I can give you some money if you'd like.

Brown got back with:

Haha I was just hoping to get my pants back.

These are the kinds of stories where legends are made and lifelong friendships are forged. Props to Wolf, Brown, and Royer for sharing the story.

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