Online Cannabis Certificate is now offered by the University of Illinois if you want to study marijuana.

Looking For A New Career, How About Cannabis?

If you have been following the cannabis industry in Illinois for the past year and a half, you probably noticed that it is now big business. It continues to grow with no slowdown in sight.

Looking for a serious career change, then weed could be your answer. Of course, like anything else. The competition is huge when it comes to trying to break into the pot world.

Any advantage you can get would definitely be helpful. When it comes to schooling for weed, there is not a lot out there just yet. Luckily, some schools are jumping on the bandwagon including the University of Illinois.

Study Marijuana At The University Of Illinois

According to the University of Illinois website,

"The Online Cannabis Certificate is designed to provide students with an understanding of the cannabis classification system, including subspecies and varieties, and proper management practices for target compounds and products."


"Understanding cannabis biology and taxonomic classification is critical for proper management practices for the production of essential oils, psychoactive compounds, fiber, and seed oil and protein, and applications of those products."


"This cannabis certificate program will help students become equipped with knowledge for cannabis indoor, outdoor, and large-scale field production; classification of subspecies and varieties, biology, propagation, planting, pest management, and harvesting of target compounds and products."

Details About The Cannabis Certificate Program

  • Program available for students of the university and also non-students. That means you do not even have to be officially going to the school to enroll in the classes.
  • Credits can be transferred.
  • Students must complete twelve credit hours of the assigned courses.
  • For more info and to register, HERE.

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