As residents of Belvidere, Illinois continue to recover from the tragic roof collapse that took place at the Apollo Theatre on Friday, March 31, two young brothers created a heartfelt tribute to protect their hometown.

Kids Do the Darndest Things

We've all heard the saying, "Kids do the darndest things", but those things aren't always bad.

Sure, our children may say inappropriate or embarrassing things in front of others, but sometimes their compassionate words and actions can truly bring tears to our eyes.

That is exactly what happened to me when I learned what two young brothers named Johnny and Michael of Belvidere, Illinois did for their city after a tornado hit on March 31st.

Two Belvidere Brothers Bring Superheroes to Save the Day

After hearing about the terrible roof collapse at the Apollo Theatre in Belvidere on Friday night, Johhny and Michael made a plan on Saturday morning to gather their superhero toys and place them by the Kishwaukee River near the Apollo Theatre. Their mission for doing this was simple;  to "save the day" and help the people who were hurt.

The boys' mom, Kayla Thomas, told WIFR;

Johnny especially was super upset in the morning. He felt almost sick to his stomach he said. They got their ideas together and figured out instead of stuffed animals because they do stuffed animals let’s do superheroes.

Kayla Thomas also shared a Facebook Reel of the brothers in action on Saturday, (wearing matching Spiderman sweatshirts) and some of the things they said hit me straight in the feels.

Kayla John Michael Johnny via Facebook, Canva
Kayla John Michael Johnny via Facebook, Canva

The boys said the words "Belvidere Strong" numerous times.

When their Mom asked them if they wanted to say anything after they placed their superheroes down by the river the oldest boy Johnny said;

Stay strong. I'm sorry about the building. I hope everyone hearing this is ok...we love Belvidere.

I've got goosebumps. Both of these boys are under 10 years old and it's abundantly clear that Mom and Dad are raising them right.

The boys' simple, sweet gesture has moved other Belvidere residents to add more superhero figurines and flowers to this memorial by the river, and I'm guessing more will come in the days ahead.

Stay strong, Belvidere.

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