In Janesville, a cougar was recently spotted.

At this point in 2020, nothing surprises. The goofy year just proves that anything can happen and it probably will.

Now, this isn't just a 2020 thing, people report seeing strange animals all the time. Especially, around here. When I say "strange," I don't mean things like dragons. I'm talking more like ones that don't usually live in the midwest.

For example, a few meets ago when there was a bear wandering around Wisconsin,  Illinois, and Iowa. You don't usually catch a glimpse of them in those states.

Now, there's a cougar popping up in the state line area. So far this summer, there's been one seen in Beloit and Gurnee. I wonder if it's the same one just on walkabout or are there multiple. I'm hoping there aren't several that have moved in.

Here's the latest incident.

According to,

"Kyle Kelly was cruising on his mountain bike through the wooded trails of Sheiffer Park on Janesville’s northeast side on Saturday evening when he rounded a bend and saw it. A big cat. A cougar, he thinks."

The witness reported the sighting but without any evidence,  it's considered unconfirmed.
Where will the cougar pop up next?

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