It's the Lenten Season which means plenty of restaurants, bars, and the like are putting forth their best fish fries.

And while sure, you get a fish fry at just about any place that offers a plate of food, there are some that are obviously better than the rest.

Photo by Meelan Bawjee on Unsplash
Photo by Meelan Bawjee on Unsplash

So while I was searching for the best fish fry locations in the midwest I stumbled upon this from Mashed, The 16 Absolute Best Fish Fries in the US.

Photo by Davey Gravy on Unsplash
Photo by Davey Gravy on Unsplash

Wouldn't you know, two of the very best fish fries just so happen to be located in Wisconsin? It's true!

Mashed says the Foxhole Lounge in Racine, Wisconsin has the best fish fry in America:

Enjoy cod, perch, or walleye served with potato pancakes, applesauce, coleslaw, succotash, and rye bread.

There's also something on the menu called a McFox, which sounds delicious.

Right behind the Foxhole Lounge is Fitz's on the Lake up in Lodi, Wisconsin.

On Friday, the fish is even better, because from 11 am to 4 pm, it's all-you-can-eat. The fish fry comes with a side of coleslaw and your choice of au gratin potatoes, French fries, hash browns, baked potato, or vegetables.

Can't decide which of the two is better? You may just need to try them both for yourself.

Lent ends on Saturday, April 16 so there are still plenty of Fridays left to try them all.

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