If it's one thing I love, it's a good thriller film; not the Halloween slasher kind of thriller, but one that is filled with suspense, intrigue and as 11-year-old Gitty says in the trailer, a scary story with a happy ending.

Will Gitty get her happy ending? We'll soon find out as the thriller, American Fable; which features scenes filmed in Freeport, will be coming out next month.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie will be released on February 17th on IFC; one of my favorite cable networks. (If you have Netflix, it's a great resource for incredible independent films that you'll only find on IFC Midnight.)

One scene to pay close attention to takes place in a hospital. The Journal Standard reported that an Ogle county newborn made her acting debut in the film without even leaving the hospital. Mila Arbogast was only 2 days old when the scene was filmed in an unused portion of Freeport's FHN Memorial Hospital in August 2015.

The film crew wasn't there long, but the hospital staff got the pleasure of meeting the cast and crew and added they were "grateful for the opportunity to share FHN."

Want to learn more? Follow American Fable on Facebook and get a deeper insight into the movie, which is already getting rave reviews, by visiting AmericanFable.com.

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