It's been an interesting year for Aaron Rodgers.

He spent the offseason hearing about how much he hated playing for Green Bay. He had one of his ex-high profile-girlfriends spill some tea on him to the national media. Got engaged to another high-profile name.  Broke off said engagement. Hosted Jeopardy! and was a serious contender to replace the late Alex Trebec. The Packers were absolutely demolished in the opening game of the season. Everyone with a modicum of a public voice wondered if Aaron Rodgers was done.

Then everything got significantly better for Rodgers and the Packers.

They haven't lost since. Rodgers was able to remind the Soldier Field faithful that he, in fact did, own them.

I think we kind of understated how demoralizing that was for Bear fans. I know I still think about it.

Rodgers and the Packers passed their biggest test of the season on Thursday night by beating the Arizona Cardinals in a thrilling game that was decided when a Cardinal player decided to stop trying halfway through a play in the endzone. It's pretty amazing.

Aaron Rodgers also seems to have roughly 6 prominent ad campaigns currently running as well.

What I'm getting at is that life has been pretty redeeming for Rodgers over the last few months. So do you think he'd have any concern that the Thursday Night Football cameras caught him in one of the funnier freeze frames of the season?

Absolutely not. He loved it and even shared some of the better memes that the internet had come up with last night on his Instagram page. Some of them are pretty funny.

attachment-Meme 1
attachment-Meme 2
attachment-Meme 3
attachment-Meme 4
attachment-Meme 5

That's about as far as I'll go with posting to a company website. There are some much funnier ones out there. A simple Google search should get you there.

If I were Rodgers, I'd probably go buy some lottery tickets right now. It's not like you need the money, but you can just donate all the winnings to charity. It would be the cherry on top of the Aaron Rodgers redemption sundae.

Stay out of the Packers way folks, it doesn't look like it's derailing anytime soon.

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