This marks the first time that someone asked the people of Wisconsin to drink more. 

ProFootballTalk - Rodgers said that for the fans to support the Packers while the defense is on the field, making beer cheap might be the answer.

“I’m up for anything that’s gonna get the fans as loud as possible,” Rodgers said. “Maybe slash some beer prices or something, would be a good idea.”

Pretty savvy move here from the veteran quarterback. He sees the writing on the wall. He's probably aware that the entire state of Wisconsin is starting to turn on him.

You go to a Green Bay game and the number of 4 jerseys FAR outweighs the number of 12 jerseys. It has to burn Rodgers that some old hick (his thoughts, not mine) is more popular than him in Green Bay.

A lot about Rodgers has been leaking lately. It turns out that he's kind of a jerk that no one really likes.

One way to fix that? Get cheaper beer for the Green Bay fans. It's honestly pretty brilliant.

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