When your single or away at college Christmas dinner isn't exactly the same. Especially when you're in a crunch to turn in your next term paper. Well according to the Huffington post a major milestone for students and singles alike has come about. Introducing "Christmas Tinner" All the things you love about Christmas dinner in a can.

Christmas tinner

This layered monstrosity has it all. Starting from the top with a layer of Scrambled eggs and bacon because after all even on Christmas you need breakfast too. Next layer is two Mince pies. Underneath that it's the holiday favorite Turkey and potatoes followed by a layer of gravy and then cranberry sauce. Next, it's on to the veggies, a thoughtful layer of Brussel sprouts with stuffing or broccoli with stuffing, your choice. Then it's on to the layer of carrots and finishes off with a bottom layer of yummy Christmas pudding. The whole Christmas dinner in one can.

Obviously, this is a fake, but a pretty well done one at that. A graphic designer named Godfrey came up with this little gem. I hate to say it but I actually know a few people that might try this if it was actually real.

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