2020 may go down in infamy as the year we all experienced holiday fun from the safety of our cars, but the tradition continues in 2021 at 'Terror In The Timbers' in Elgin, Illinois.

'Only A Thin Sheet of Glass Separates You From Terror'

I noticed a lot of people checking in and raving about this place called 'Terror In The Timbers' in Elgin on social media this past weekend. Scary haunted houses may not be my thing, but I had to learn more about the place people are saying is "well worth the price', "non-stop scares', and 'so scary I almost peed my car seats". (Those are actual quotes from friends of mine on social media who have chosen to remain anonymous).

Terror In The Timbers via Facebook
Terror In The Timbers via Facebook

The Terror In The Timbers Drive-Thru Halloween Experience began in 2020, and it was so popular it's happening again this year with a few new scares. Here's how the drive-thru experience works according to terrorinthetimbers.com;

First, you will turn off your headlights and tune your radio to a predetermined station.

Next, you will proceed down a marked path to the first of many horrific stops. NEVER exceeding 5 miles per hour.

When you enter the scene, a red light will signal the driver who will then be required to put the car in park.

Then take a deep breath and leave the rest to our demented Minions of Terror.


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Besides the drive-thru experience, Terror In The Timbers has also added a Haunted Hike that will have you stepping out of your car and into the horror. The Halloween fun doesn't end there either, there is also food and other concessions, games, a Silly String Asylum, and more spooktastic sights.

Are you brave enough to travel Terror In The Timbers? Get tickets and more info here.

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