So yesterday evening a police department out of Carlisle Pennsylvania took Michael Myers into custody. They received a call from a concerned citizen about a suspicious person walking around their neighborhood. He was first mistaken for a very tall Trick or treater but when the trick or treating came to an end he was still seen around the neighborhood just standing there looking blankly at nothing.

According to the post on Facebook, Myers, a "61-year-old fugitive from Haddonfield, Illinois" was arrested by Officer Zach Saum. Chief Hawkins, Haddonfield, Illinois' Chief of police said they waited all night figuring he would show up sooner or later but never did. Officers were stunned that Myers had made it so far from his home state on Halloween. The Carlisle officers asked Myers why he came to their town but he never would say anything. All they heard from him was his classic heavy breathing.

Joseph C. Justice Jr., Thinkstock
Joseph C. Justice Jr., Thinkstock

Well, obviously the whole this was a big social media prank from this Pennsylvania Police Department. I love it when a local PD has a sense of humor on social media.

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