Rockford is known for having extremely cold winters but what was our coldest day on record? Brace yourself, you might want to put on a coat for this.

According to the Farmers Almanac, January 10th, 1982 was the day coming in at -27 degrees. But with  22-mile-per-hour winds, it felt more like -40. I can't even imagine being in temperatures that low. I grew up in south Texas and the coldest day I've ever experienced was around 14 degrees. That's cold, but -40, that's ridiculous.

So what does negative 40 degrees feel like? Well for one your eyelids start to freeze, Also when you breathe you feel the cold in your lungs and it's really hard to breathe without coughing. Not only that but you can actually feel the cold in your blood. It's so cold that you actually feel it in your teeth and eyeballs. Needless to say, 40 below zero weather is perfect for staying inside. Here's hoping we don't have another one of those days anytime soon.

Cars After Snowstorm Of 1967
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I have been asking locals lately what I need to survive the winter here in Rockford and I have already started my checklist. As of now, I have a Snowblower, down jackets, salt, and boots but I'm sure I'm missing something.

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