Next Tuesday we'll all be hitting the polls to vote. One item that Rockford won't be voting on is this ban on pickup trucks. Truthfully it would never stand here.

ABC7 reports the Chicago suburb of Flossmoor has placed on their ballot the decision to either continue or discontinue the ban on pickup trucks in the resident's driveway.

Wait a minute a person who owns a pickup can't park it in their driveway?

That doesn't seem fair.

Evidently, the residents of Flossmoor have lived under this ban since it was instated in 1975.

Back then the city passed a zoning ordinance that banned all pickups from the town.

It was partially lifted in 1989, when the village allowed residents to have pickup trucks with the contingency that they could only be in the driveway for loading and unloading purposes. Otherwise, the trucks had to be out of site in their garages. If a truck was left out in the drive they would be ticketed $50 a pop.

Also, on a side note, if the citizens of Flossmoor vote to change the pickup truck ban the mayor said that there will still be restrictions to "commercial pickup trucks and prohibit owners from storing items in an uncovered truck bed."

Wow! That really doesn't seem fair at all to me. I'm about 99% certain that Rockford residents would not stand for this type of law. Seems ridiculous to me, don't you think so?

I wish the Flossmoor folks luck in repelling this on Tuesday.







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