Here's a fact, my sweet-tooth is off-the-charts bad. If I could eat candy all day, every day, and not gain any weight I would do it in a heartbeat, but that's never going to happen.

My kids collected a massive stash this year trick-or-treating, and although I am confident we could eat every single sweet morsel of it, I know we shouldn't... so... now what?

I refuse to throw some of it's mostly chocolate for goodness sake!

I could make some mashup candy dessert thing, but I would wind up being the only one to eat that too. What's a candy-loving mom supposed to do?

One of these three things I found on might be good...

  1. Do A Halloween Candy Buy Back - A search on didn't find any Rockford dental offices or other businesses participating in a program like this, but today may be a find day for someone to start one.
  2. Support The Troops - Several organizations like collect unwanted, yet still delicious candy, and send it to our troops serving overseas.
  3. Perform A Switch Witch - For this one think Tooth Fairy meets Halloween. Tell your kids to put all their unwanted Halloween candy in a bag and leave it somewhere in the room. You then switch it with a new toy, (or something else just as awesome), and everyone is happy.

Do you know of anywhere in the Stateline that has a candy trade-in program? What do you do with all your extra Halloween candy? Let us know on Facebook!

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