If your house was on fire, would you want first responders to also save your pets?  It is against the law in Wisconsin for first responders to do so. Should first responders be allowed to help pets?

It happens thousands of time a year. First responders show up to an emergency. After dealing with human lives, in the course of their , they discover pets on the scene that desperately need attention. Up until now, nothing can be done. That could all change if a new Wisconsin law is passed.

According to for Fox11 news, lawmakers in Wisconsin are introducing new legislation that would allow first responders to treat pets when responding to an emergency. Current Wisconsin law makes it illegal to treat animals while on the scene of an emergency.

There is a law on the books called the Wisconsin veterinarian practice act.  The law only allows for veterinarians to give animals aid.

The legislation still as has to go through the Wisconsin statehouse and get signed by the governor to take effect.

Illinois is one of 22 states that does allow first responders to assist animals.

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