Snow days can be a lot of fun but when it sticks around for a while some people tend to get bored, especially children. If you're looking for something fun and cool that will keep the young ones occupied for a while, has found some awesome little experiments that will get the kids excited.

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The first experiment is freezing bubbles and it's really easy. This always works better in really cold weather all the way up into the 20's. First you can either make your own bubble solution with soap or just use the store bought stuff. Next you'll want to heat the liquid until it's nice and warm. Then let the kids blow bubbles outside. If you can catch one with your wand a look very closely you can see it actually freeze and turn into a delicate perfectly round little ice sphere.

You have to watch carefully but it's really neat to watch it freeze just like that and your kids jaws are sure to drop. Coming up later this month we'll have some more fun winter experiments to try with the kiddos to try to break them away from the TV.

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