You know me and cooking I'm all for making a cheap and easy meal

This meal I didn't make. It's one I can give a couple of bucks forand is served daily for free right here in Rockford. These meals are available to any who are homeless and hungry through the Rockford Rescue Mission.

That's right, two dollars and a nickle can feed one hungry person at the Rockford Rescue Mission. Think of it this way, two bucks provides a meal and hope to someone who is struggling.

Wow! Who would have thought that two dollars can do all! Thanks to the Rockford Rescue Mission it does.

Today we are working together with the Rockford Rescue Mission to bring "Hope to the Hungry" by raising meals to feed the hungry and homeless here in the stateline area.

I'm willing to bet you have have a couple of bucks, like I do, in your wallet right now. (Yes the money pictured came straight from my wallet) The question to ask yourself today is "How many can I feed?" One, two,or more?

I can't help but think about the words from Garth Brooks new song that says "people loving people is the enemy to everything that's evil". By supporting the Rockford Rescue Mission today, you and I, are the people who are loving people who are hungry and out of hope.

If you're not able to give monetarily, there are plenty of other great ways to help serve and support them.

- Become a volunteer.

- Take a look at their Donations list they need these items on a daily basis.

- Or, maybe you can give tor Needs list. They need everything from canned goods, clothing, Furniture, to paper and pens, bus tokens, to aspirin, and so much more.

To find out more about the Rockford Rescue Mission visit: