There are grown adults that struggle with driving on the interstate yet this kid is racing cars at 50 miles per hour or more. You've got to see this.

That's Max Kahler, who races the Late Model division at Rockford Speedway on a weekly basis. He looks young, doesn't he? He should look young, he's not even old enough to hold a drivers license. He's a 14-year-old from Caledonia and he's not a bad driver. As of May 27th he was in sixth place out of 19 competitors.

He began his racing career (which sounds odd to say) by racing go-karts before is dad, Bob, let him have go a his car at a track in Wisconsin. His dad told WTVO Max did well, kept practicing, drove in three races, and now he's a rookie at the Speedway. Max says the much older drivers treat him well and as an equal.

"They're a little nicer to me since I'm real young," says Kahler. "I don't have that much experience but they treat me like any other competitor."

After watching the video package from WTVO it looks as though Max has a solid career ahead of him. But, since Scott Leber (Eyewitness News Sports Director) didn't issue a challenge to young Max,  I will.

Max Kahler - I hereby challenge you to a race. I don't own a race car so Volcano Falls will have to be suffice. You tell let me know when you're ready and I will set it up.

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