Rockford Speedway is finally able to reopen for race fans all over northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. With all the rules regarding state regulations, what should we expect this weekend? We went straight to David Deere to get the answers.

We already know and understand things will still be different despite businesses and attractions reopening this weekend. The question is, how different is this temporary "new" norm? You have probably noticed a lot of plexiglass dividers inside stores and restaurants' drive-thru windows, and you'll see them this weekend at Rockford Speedway, too. You'll also find newly constructed cue lines, various stickers on the ground, and signage throughout the track. If you're an avid Rockford Speedway visitor you may notice some food changes as well. There's no need to panic though, Hemi's full of beer and freshly cooked hotdogs will be waiting to be consumed. There are more details and ticket-sale protocol as well. Check out our quick conversation with David Deere from Rockford Speedway.

You can buy tickets to Saturday night's races here until they sell out. As far as the upcoming list of events and features, has not been updated but likely will be filled after this weekend's races.

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