There's an ending of Green Mamba Jet Car's story that we wish weren't true. The man behind the wheel for 51 years tragically died in an accident on a racetrack this past weekend.

For decades the Green Mamba jet car has entertained spectators at Rockford Speedway, melting many cars, trucks, and vans throughout the years. The jet car's next appearance in town was scheduled for September 15th. Sadly, fans will no longer be able to watch the 1950's-era F7U fighter jet-powered car in action.

Several sources, including NBC 6 in Michigan, have reported the tragic accident at Norway Speedway where Doug Rose and the Green Mamba Jet Car crashed into a wall causing the jet car to burst into flames. Doug was pronounced dead at the scene. Mechanical problems and a medical emergency may have played a role, according to

There’s evidence that Rose suffered a medical emergency prior to the crash. Doesn’t matter. Either way, when his wife Jeanne pulled him from the wreckage, Doug Rose was dead.

The crash occurred after the National Anthem before racing began and was caught on camera. All the scheduled races were postponed for the night.

As a child a met Doug two or three times and remember his excited signing programs and Green Mamba trading cars. On behalf of everyone that had witnessed the great Green Mamba Jet Car in person, our deepest condolences go out to Doug's wife Jeanne, their family, and fans across the nation.

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