There may be a debate on whether it's called "bags" or "cornhole" is a toss-up but one is certain, these bags boards in Fort Wayne, Indiana need to be a Rockford thing, too.

Apparently Promenade Park in Fort Wayne is the mecca for families and folks who enjoy the outdoors. The new attraction is filled with playgrounds, walking paths, boat tours, a canal for kids and adults to play in, and permanent ping pong and foosball tables. It looks like a place I'd enjoy and, after discovering this, I now know I'd definitely be down for a trip to this park. Maybe a weekend road trip?

After a little digging, I learned Promenade Park is part of Fort Wayne, Indiana's riverfront rebuild. Isn't Davis Park about to be a part of a similar process? Rockford's riverfront would be an excellent location for a set of immobile bags boards. If you look closely at the boards installed in Fort Wayne you'll notice the only way these bags can being vandalized is with graffiti or a monstrous sledgehammer.

I have one concern, though. Look at those concrete boards one more time and check out the depth of the hole. Could the thickness cause a bag to not be able to slide into the hole if it hits the board at a tight angle? That's the bags tournament player in me coming out. In the case of these boards, it's about having fun with family and friends at a nice park on a beautiful day.

Dear Rockford Park District,

Please consider installing concrete bags (or cornhole) sets at one more multiple parks. People like myself will be forever grateful. And, to stand out from Promenade Park in Indiana, maybe slap some paint of them just for added appeal.


Mediocre Bags Player

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