A Freeport woman may have had the best week ever. Her name is Kayla Hagen and there's a reason she has a big smile on her face in this picture. She bought a $25 Illinois Lottery scratch-off ticket and a whopping $75,000! Not too shabby, right? So what does she plan to do with it? According to WIFR, she's going to get herself a new truck. (Great choice!) She's also going to spend the money on her wedding, another great idea.

What would you do if you won $75,000? Here are a few things I'd do.

  1. Pay some bills.
  2. Buy a truck.
  3. Go to Disney World. (Duh.)
  4. Buy tickets to a Cubs game and sit behind home plate.
  5. Get a new pair of jeans.

Just a few more ideas for Kayla.


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