Summer is in full swing and that makes for great times to be with friends and family.

Of course one of the things that is always a must is having a great meal or picnic to enjoy when hanging out together.

How would you like to have the best one?

Here's a list I found through Buzz Feed, that has 37 ways to have a great picnic.

Some of these ideas are so neat. I wonder why I never thought of them.For instance, when looking through the list, using muffin pans to hold your condiments. No need to lug out all those bottles and jars.

Or how about using the muffin pan for your deviled eggs, that is if you like me, don't already have the deviled egg Tupperware container.

I thought using Muffin liner to cover drinks to keep bugs out was a neat though. Or putting your seasonings like salt and pepper in straws.

I like the idea of lining a picnic blanket with a shower curtain to keep the blanket off the ground and from getting getting damp or dirty was a neat touch.

For more interesting ideas and tips here's the link: 37 ways to have a great picnic.

Bon appetitie!