Perfect Picnic Salad
Although the 4th of July holiday is now passed and the next major holiday, Labor Day, isn't for another 7 weeks. There's still going to be weekend picnics or get togethers at friends and family.
That's what summer is all about being outside and enjoying the weather with good times, good friends and o…
37 Ways to Have Great Picnic
Summer is in full swing and that makes for great times to be with friends and family.
Of course one of the things that is always a must is having a great meal or picnic to enjoy when hanging out together.
How would you like to have the best one?
Here's a list I found through Buzz Feed, that has 37 ways…
13 Summer Food Tips You Gotta Try
I love Summertime. I love being outdoors and having cookouts.
If you want your party to pop, here are 13 summer food tips you gotta try. Heck, I want to throw a party just to try these!