'So... what's the deal with airplane food?'

A joke as all as time, well, what's the deal? The deal is that in 2019 airplane food no longer wants to be the joke of the food industry. That change is well underway considering United Airlines just released its very own cookbook. Yeah, you read that right. An airline actually published a real cookbook. Check it out -

Credit United Shop

So what could possibly be in such a cookbook? A recipe for bagged peanuts and a questionable sandwich? Not quite. Insider says -

United Airlines is hoping to change the perception of airplane foodforever with its new offering, the "Polaris Cookbook." The cookbook features more than 40 recipes created by the airline's own executive chefs. And really, the recipes may actually be delicious as Polaris is the airline's business-class service, serving the best of the best food on board.

One of the standout recipes is coconut soup. Interested? For the price of $29.99 you can be the proud owner of your very own United Airlines cookbook. Purchase your's from the United Shop here. Can't afford a first class seat? Most people can't, but it's fine because now we can afford to eat like we're first class.

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