You weren't seeing things, yes, some very unusual planes were spotted at the Chicago-Rockford International airport on Tuesday.

An Air India Boeing 777, as well as a Boeing 777 from China Southern Cargo were forced to land in Rockford on Tuesday. The two international planes, as well as two domestic United Airline flights from Ft. Lauderdale and Richmond also landed in Rockford.

Chicago Rockford International Airport via Facebook

All four planes were diverted from their original destination of O' Hare in Chicago, due to very severe weather today.

United Airlines flight diverted to Rockford (Chicago Rockford International Airport photo)

It's Rockford to rescue! The Chicago Rockford International airport serves as diversion airport for O' Hare.

Unfortunately, for those of you who thought that Rockford would soon be offering flights to China and India, that will not happen, but you never know, perhaps sometimes in the future it could happen.