If you've watched the news recently or attempted to fly on a Southwest flight, it may be hard for you to believe the skies are constantly full of airplanes crisscrossing the globe.

When you hear a big jet or airplane flying overhead do you look up and wonder where the passengers onboard are heading?

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been hearing a nearly constant rumble of 747 jet engines over my neighborhood near the Rockford, Illinois downtown area and I was wondering where this fleet was coming from.

There are a couple of different apps and websites that allow you to see air traffic control in real time but the one I enjoy using is FlightRadar24.

You can enter the name and search for the home airport or city where you want to track current air traffic across the United States.

From there you can zoom in and click on individual aircraft to get real-time data like origin and destination, flight departure and arrival time, flight number, airplane registration number, and more.

A couple of other popular flight-tracking apps are Flight Aware and Flight Stats.

So, after tracking the dozens of large jets flying directly over my home for the past couple of weeks, I now know I can expect a nightly parade of UPS cargo jets landing at Chicago-Rockford International Airport.

Want to see the current air traffic that's flying over your head, CLICK HERE to see a live view from Rockford.

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