Rockford and Northern Illinois filling up with gas for a $1.77 a gallon, and you are not. Here's where to find it.

You are missing out if you are paying over $2.00 a gallon for a gallon of gas. Gas prices on East State Street are hovering at around $2.11 at gas stations near the tollway entrance, but it travel the tollway a bit north, you can fill up for as low as $1.77 a gallon.

Where?  In Roscoe, IL.

According to Gas, three Roscoe gas stations are currently offering 87 octane gas for $1.77 a gallon. Those gas stations are located along E Rockton Rd, right off the tollway

1. Love's Travel Stop: 13477 Quality Drive & Willowbrook Rd  $1.77/gallon

2. Speedway: 5951 E. Rockton and Willowbrook Rd $1.77/gallon

3. Walmart : East Rockton and Quail Tr $1.77/gallon

These gas prices have been in effect for over 10 days. However, no one knows how much longer they will last, as there have been reports that gas prices could spike to as high as $3.00 gallon in spring.

Enjoy the low prices while you can.





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