I love Summertime. I love being outdoors and having cookouts.

If you want your party to pop, here are 13 summer food tips you gotta try. Heck, I want to throw a party just to try these!When you're ready to crank up the grill before reaching for that metal bristled brush to clean it use a 1/2 of an onion. It will clean the grill and give a flavor to your meat.

Don't have a meat thermometer for your burgers? Put a thumbprint in the middle of the burger. You'll be able to see when the meat is thoroughly cooked.

For cool looking ice cubes, freeze fruit like grapes, berries or cherries. You're drinks will look festive and fun.

Also, there's no need for another bowl for your chips, just tear the side open and use the bag as a bowl.

Wow! There are so many good ideas here. I'm ready to party!

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