How bored would we be without the internet? On average, in the United States, nearly seven hours a day are spent online. It's 413 minutes, according to Oberlo. You got to believe most of that is time wasted. If you need proof I'm about to present it in video form.


I don't even want to begin to share how much time I spend online. My screen time is ridiculously embarrassing. Why do I spend so much time online? Two legitimate reasons: work and ADHD.

If it has yet to become apparent, writing entertaining and (sometimes) informative articles is a regular thing for voices you may hear on your radio. It isn't 1985 anymore, we're content writers/contributors. In order to keep cranking out content, it's important to do some scrolling and reading to find more and more relative content.

What is "relative content" you may be wondering?

It's content that is related to the area, locally and regionally. Sometimes we find things when we least expect it, like a video I accidentally stumbled upon today.

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I found a video on YouTube that stopped me during a seemingly endless scroll on Reddit, which is one of my favorite time-wasters. It's completely Rockford in every way except for the guy in the video.

Don't be confused, it was filmed in Rockford, Illinois along the Rock River on what appears to be a beautiful day.

Ryan's Shorts via YouTube
Ryan's Shorts via YouTube

The man in the vid, Ryan, starts off by singing Elton John's "Rocket Man" but fudges the words a little bit. Then, he encounters Rockford, Illinois' Rock Guardians, who start singing their own rock songs. Watch.

What the heck was that? I'll tell you what it was, it was 90 seconds of time we'll never get back.

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