I thought I was pretty hip on what the hot toys for Christmas 2015 were, but apparently I am not. I have never heard of these things called, "Bunchems", but I do now, and no little girl on my gift giving list will be receiving them from me this Christmas.


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  Don't get me wrong, this toy looks super cool and makes awesome things. It's even a finalist for the 2016 Activity Toy of the Year according to toyawards.org, but there's a very serious drawback to this toy's awesomeness. Just think about how bad it sucks when your dog or cat gets a burr stuck in their fur. Now times it by ten, and you have this...      


Wow! That looks painful, and amazon.com is filled with similar complaints and pictures of kids in even worse situations than that poor child.

Obviously, a child should be well supervised while playing with this toy, but we all know how fast a child can create a huge mess when you turn around for two seconds! In summary, proceed with caution before getting a little girl with long beautiful hair this toy for Christmas, that is, unless she wants to cut her hair off to say, chin length.

Good luck!