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If you've lived in the Northern Illinois area all your life, there's a good chance you visited White Pines Deer Park - Zoo at least once during your childhood. Unfortunately, I don't have any memories of visiting White Pines Deer Park, and now I feel like I really missed out!

White Pines Deer Park - Zoo via Facebook
White Pines Deer Park - Zoo via Facebook

Do You Remember White Pines Deer Park & Zoo?

For those that don't know, White Pines State Park in Oregon, Illinois used to be home to a unique and beloved Deer Park where people of all ages could pet and interact with over 200 deer in a spacious enclosure. Elk, buffalo, exotic goats, llamas and burros also roamed within the enclosure, and almost all of them were brave enough to walk right up to visitors. While hunting for more information about White Pines Deer Park, I came across a Chicago Tribune article from 1992 that quoted a dad named Keith Turner from Pekin, Illinois as saying;

It gives kids a respect for the animals, it`s something that they can`t learn from a book.

What Does White Pines Deer Park & Zoo Look Like Today?

Sadly, White Pines Deer Park & Zoo officially closed in the mid-90s, but some of its remnants still remain today.

A group of Illinois residents with many fond memories of White Pines Deer Park - Zoo started a Facebook page a while back, and some of the pictures they have contributed of what it looks like totally are pretty sad...

Past fans of White Pines Deer Park have also posted some great pictures from their visits to the park on the Facebook page, and many have also suggested that someone should buy and restore the park to its former glory. Wouldn't that be awesome for Stateline-area families?!?

If you have awesome pics to share from  White Pines Deer Park, please send them to us on the app, because we would LOVE to see them!

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