You may think Rockford is a pizza town, but we do a pretty good job with French Toast too.

Another day, another food holiday we don't need to celebrate... but we should. Cheers to French Toast Day!

Rockford is home to loads of delicious French Toast options, but there are three absolute stand-outs.

Fresco at the Gardens does French Toast so hard core, IT'S A SIDE DISH. Yeah, you heard me, you get your eggs and bacon and whatever you love with a side of French Toast.

Lydia's Cafe is known for their Rockford named items, but the French Toast doesn't need any fun puns, nope you will want that toast strictly foe the Nutella anglasie, which is basically chocolate hazelnut custard. Clearly delicious.

Eggsclusive Cafe does double duty with their French Toast, not only is the dish delicious, it's so pretty too!

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