Is is just me or are people really ... REALLY sensitive in 2018? Don't get me wrong, I am all for people being treated equally, and I am the biggest animal lover out there. But even this initiative made me laugh and think... really PETA? In a tweet sent out December 4th PETA says -

Words matter, and as our understanding of social justice evolves, our language evolves along with it. Here’s how to remove speciesism from your daily conversations.

Yeah, speciesism. I've obviously heard of racism and sexism before, but this was a new one to me. So what are they talking about? I'll just let you check it out for yourself...

Credit PETA Via Twitter
Credit PETA Via Twitter

Twitter was quick to jump on the bandwagon, some in support of the movement, but most in sarcasm. Some of the best responses I saw were -

  • If ‘bacon’ was offensive to the vegans, isn’t ‘bagel’ offensive the those that are gluten free?
  • So curiosity thrilled the cat?
  • Eat snow? (not crow)
  • Don't put all your kale in one strainer

But my favorite response of the entire Twitter moment was one Twitter user responding to PETA with -

Surely y'all have a bigger fish to fry.

You win girl. Like I said before, I love animals, but how far is too far when it comes to being an animal lover?

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