When it comes to haunts for the Halloween season, most of the national lists leave Wisconsin's cheese out in the wind.

As in, scary places in Wisconsin are mostly an afterthought.

Not this time though as Travel Awaits threw out their 9 Most Haunted Places to Visit in the Midwest and a hotel that's a hotspot for Milwaukee weddings might also be a hotspot for paranormal activity.

Travel Awaits:

Located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, the Pfister Hotel offers a luxury hotel experience, as well as some unexpected guests. Considered the most haunted location in Wisconsin, the Pfister Hotel is known for things going bump in the night. From objects moving to ghosts appearing in rooms, the Pfister is the place to visit if you don’t feel the need to call the Ghostbusters.

They go on to say that Major League Baseball players have had run-ins at the Pfister too. Philadelphia Phillies star outfielder, Bryce Harper told MLB.com about his own experience saying:

When I woke up in the morning -- I swear on everything -- the clothes were on the floor and the table was on the opposite side of the room against the wall...I honestly thought there might be someone in my room. I had no idea what the hell just happened, so I actually looked around, and then I checked to see if the door was still latched, and it was.

Have you stayed at the Pfister in Milwaukee? Is it as haunted as people say? You can see for yourself. The Pfister Hotel is located at 424 East Wisconsin Avenue. Rent a room for Halloweekend, if you dare.

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