Summer = Hot dog season!

I think my favorite summer phrase is "Burger or hot dog?". What's your go-to? Personally, I always opt for the hot dog. It just has some serious summer vibes, and it's good for on the go. Like you can eat a hot dog and drink a beer at the same time, you have two hands for a reason.

A new study revealed the best hot dog in each state. You might want to take note of this in case you don't feel like firing up the grill next time. Sure they're fun to make at home, but I think there's no better hot dog than one from Illinois' best hot dog joint.

Whenever I order a hot dog from here, let's get one thing straight, I order two. And I order them with ketchup and a pickle. 10/10 NOT how you're supposed to order a hot dog if you're from around Chicago, but also 10/10 recommend those toppings.

So where can you grab Illinois' best hot dog here in Rockford?


I mean, come on. They aren't called Portillo's Hot Dogs for no reason!

Let's indulge in some more pictures.

Okay I'm done now. If you're wondering what Wisconsin's top dog is - The Vanguard in Milwaukee.

I love Portillo's, but oh ... my ... GOSH, this place has me drooling.


Anyways, time to make sure you have gas for the grill because you know you're craving hot dogs. Or just meet me in the Portillo's drive thru for lunch.


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