Sometimes I can't help but laugh at some of the research scientists do. I have the utmost respect for scientists, but imagine your boss tells you your next research project is "How many hot dogs can a human eat in 10 minutes?". You'd have to laugh a little.

We celebrated National Hot Dog day this week, and I think it's the perfect time to share this new-found information.  If I had go guess how many hot dogs someone could eat in 10 minutes I'd guess 30 or 40. Well boy was I wrong.

According to some new science ... you can eat ... 84.


That's A LOT of dogs. The current world record is 75. So now the world record holder has a new goal to reach for. According to WTVO -

Researchers analyzed 39 years of data from the annual Nathan’s famous Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest — and used mathematical modeling.

They concluded it would be unlikely anyone could ever top 84 hot dogs.

I'm so curious what 39 years of hot dog eating contest research looks like.

Anyways, now we know, 84.

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