Eat Well in Rockford
Of all the bad knocks that Rockford seems to get lately, it's always nice to find a little glimmer of light in that dark cloud.
Thanks to The Culture Trip, they have done just that.
They noted that they're are several places that you can eat well in Rockford at!
Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies
I love vegetables. I really have no problem eating most of them.
Well all except Lima beans (which taste like paste) and cooked spinach (Ugh! Can't stand the smell).
Have you ever ran into the situation as a parent when your children won't eat their vegetables...
What's the Weirdest thing you've ever Ate
I read an article from ABC News this morning about Tyler Farr talking about his recent squirrel hunting trip with his friend, Wood Duck, and how to properly clean and dress the squirrels for a tasty dinner.
Have you ever eaten squirrel?
I honestly say I never have. I had a former uncle who hunted squi…