Are they messing with us? They wouldn't be that cruel to us foodies, right? I was so taken aback by this news I had to check the calendar to confirm it was indeed October and not April 1. Of all the food combinations I've dreamt of I never thought there would be a day when these two Illinois favorites would work together, Portillo's Restaurant and Lou Malnati's Pizza.

Cue the choir singing "Hallelujah!"


My mouth is drooling at the mere thought of this incredibly (and arguably insane) combo. First, let's break down the greatness of each restaurant individually. This will allow even more understanding, appreciation, and probably more drool. We will start with Portillo's Restaurant.

Portillo's, Canva
Portillo's, Canva


There is so much to love about Portillo's, it's hard to pinpoint just one item on the menu. I will never turn down fresh fries from P-lo's, there's nothing like them. (I just made up that nickname.) I also can't even articulate the feeling of one of their hotdog or Italian sausages popping with that first bite. Also, their Italian beef is second to none.

Lou Malnati's Rockford Location Opening In February
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Lou Malnati's

I can't pass on Lou Malnati's either, I'll figure out a way to make more room for food. Personally, I prefer a Lou's that has a dining area, there's something special about a fresh deep dish being delivered to your table ready to eat. The first slice oozes so much melted cheese it's like staring directly into Heaven.

What Happens When You Mix These Two Places

This can not be ordered inside any Lou Malnati's, it has to be purchased online through Tastes Of Chicago.

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