With all the talk of the cost an iPhone X I thought it would be fun to how much food you could buy at one of Rockford's favorite restaurants. So, which costs more? The new iPhone X ($999) or the entire carry-out menu at Beef-A-Roo.

Jeremy Fallis via Facebook
Jeremy Fallis via Facebook

Even though I wouldn't mind owning an iPhone X I would rather spend the money on something I actually need, like bills, stuff for my kids, or everything Beef-A-Roo. Do you know how many times you could buy the entire 'Roo menu? Don't bother doing the math because I've already figured it out.

According to beefaroo.com, you could buy the entire (without tax) almost three times. Yes, if you bought one of every item on Beef-A-Roo's carry-out menu it would cost $340.04. That's a lot of food.

I know there's a lot hoopla about the price of an iPhone X but, let's be honest, who actually pays full price for a new phone. Most of us go to our local carrier's store and get some sort of deal when upgrading. So IF you were to consider buying an iPhone X flat out you might also to think about buying a whole bunch of food instead.


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